We create high impact digital training. Videos that tell a story. Live virtual events.

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Tell Your Story – Group and 1-1 Coaching

Life Stories We are experts in stories and story telling and we can help you to tell your story, inspire others and raise your profile. Do you have a life story that others could learn from?  Join one of our group sessions to explore life stories and how you can use yours to make a […]

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Drama-based learning

Our drama-based training and forum theatre workshops are high impact programmes that achieve excellent delegate engagement.

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Training Videos

Our videos are highly rated by our clients. Working with our professional actors we create films that engage and amuse whilst delivering strong learning messages.

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ILM Qualifications

An ILM qualification provides managers with invaluable skills enabling them to be more effective in their role and enhance their career prospects.

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Resound 3D Virtual Clinics

Our tech team design and build 3D virtual clinical environments for clinical education complete with authentic equipment and patient bots. These spaces are ideal for group and individual learning and assessment.

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• Awww wow the video is amazing 😊 • Thank you for all the work putting this video together. I cried when I watched it. It is tough being a carer and you can’t do it alone. That is for sure. As an employee you just want to be able to do a good job. Reasonable adjustments can make all the difference. Well done to Carers Network group and thank you NSFT. • The video is amazing and resonated with me greatly. I found it very moving. I hope every manager watches it and feels better able to support staff who are caring. • I’ve just viewed the Resound video, brilliant!! I’ve shared with the two people who contacted me this week. • Just want to pass on how impressed I was with the carers content and how good the acting is etc it really got the message across. Huge well done to all involved!
Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation NHS Trust

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We are a learning and development business based in the London Borough of Havering. We work across the UK and internationally. We specialise in designing and delivering high impact learning programmes and live events using drama-based learning, forum theatre, videos, coaching.  We deliver live virtual workshops and events using zoom, skype, and via our facebook group.   Resound has established a valuable reputation within HR fields where our ability to fit into our client’s culture produces effective and long lasting results. Our clients know that when they use Resound they put their organisation and their staff into safe hands.

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