The need for compassion at work was a theme that emerged from our recent research with L&D professionals (L&D June 2020 What Matters?).

Why the focus on compassion?

Here’s a couple of reasons that our interviewees highlighted:

People who are working from home are working even longer hours to demonstrate commitment and may be at risk of burn-out.

People on furlough fear being made redundant and their financial future.

Having a manager who demonstrates compassion can make a big difference to our willingness to engage productively with work.

Our model EMPATHY – CARE – ACTION offers a simple and practical way to demonstrate compassion in everyday conversations:

1. Empathy – check-in with yout team members individually to ask how they are. Ask: what matters to you right now? Listen to the answer without interrupting, without judgement. Seek to understand their perspective.

2. Care – let your team members know that you care about them. We all want to know that we are valued by our manager.

3. Action – within compassion is embedded the need for action. Your role might be to enable and empower your team member to take action or you might need to take action on their behalf.

This model works – try it today!And if you would like a copy of our infographic you can get it here

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