Returning to Freedom (To Learn) #onlinelearning

One of the positives to come out of the last few weeks for me is the focus on learning. This includes conversations we had as part of our recent research: L&D June 2020 What Matters? Interviewees working in organisations who were previously resistant to moving to digital learning, were energised and excited about the changes they could now implement.

These conversations made me take another look at the seminal text: Freedom to Learn by Carl Rogers. Rogers is well-known for giving us ‘person-centred’ approaches and in digital learning that means the learner must be at the centre of your design work.

Always look at your resources from the learner view and test them out on a small group to get feedback before rolling out. It’s vital to be constantly checking on user experience.

He also asserted that students learn best when in groups and working together to solve practical problems. Activities that relate directly to learner’s actual work/job is therefore hugely beneficial in terms of learning outcomes.

This can be as simple as developing the skills to have a difficult conversation or something more complex such as developing a negotiation strategy.

Keeping it real works for learners.

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