Back in June we did some research with L&D professionals to find out what was top of their agenda.

Six months ago there were 3 consistent themes that emerged from our question What Matters?

1. Wellbeing of staff
Top of the agenda was the health and wellbeing of staff and the desire for that to continue post lockdown. We have now experienced a further 6 months of tiers, fire-breaks, lockdowns etc. I expect wellbeing to stay at the top of the agenda. What about you?

2. Transition to Digital
Six months ago those organisations who had previously been slow to move to digital learning were scrambling to catch up but L&D were energised by the change and the opportunity to do things differently. What’s happened since then?

3. Staff engagement
This was identified as a concern amongst our interviewees in June. With informal chats over coffee in the staff kitchen gone, what if anything could replace those chance encounters? Is this still a concern or have you found a way for your staff to build relationships using your digital platforms?

I would love to know your thoughts!

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