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Category: Management conversations

Humour. Woman laughing

“Humour is a learning juggernaut”

An unexpected benefit of having Covid recently was having the time to finish reading a wonderful book called “Your Brain on Art – How the Arts Transform Us.” It really cheered me up and made me think about all the fun I’ve had over the years working with our team of professional actors and how […]

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How to deliver a workshop in an ambulance station cupboard!

“This is the best I can do” said the station commander gruffly, as he opened the door onto what looked like a large cupboard with windows. “Someone double booked the training room”, he added as he turned away and marched down the corridor, leaving us staring into a small, dark, uninviting space. My first thought […]

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Stories create lightbulb moments

“OMG that’s me.” A stunned silence filled the room and the young woman who had just shouted out got up and left. We were in the middle of delivering a forum theatre workshop for a local council on bullying and harassment at work. Stories create lightbulb moments. The main character in our scenario was a bubbly […]

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Manager talking to team member

Lack of management training is an accident waiting to happen

A depressing weekend read in the Guardian claims that 82% of UK managers are ‘accidental’. In other words they have not received management training for their role. The article cites research conducted on behalf of The Chartered Management Institute (CMI). The phrase “action and inaction have consequences” echoed in my head, from a distance of […]

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A question mark on its side

What you can expect when you book a forum theatre workshop

Bespoke or off-the-shelf options You can opt for a bespoke workshop or one of our off-the-shelf workshops.  For the bespoke option we start with user research to ensure our scripted scenarios accurately reflect the everyday challenges that your managers are experiencing at work. We invite your feedback on our scripts, make any amendments and agree […]

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Bullying and Harassment

Brace yourselves, because we’re about to tackle a tough topic head-on—the nightmare of dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace. Dealing with toxic staff members who unleash this unacceptable behaviour on colleagues is not easy. But complacency is not an option if we want to have healthy workplaces. Through our Forum Theatre workshops we […]

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Would you like your team leaders to manage conflict effectively?

Much of our work includes supporting managers and team leaders to manage conflict effectively.  Conflict resolution is a skill which can be learned. Here’s 7 ways Forum Theatre workshops can support skills development, self awareness and empathy – in a safe space – leading to improved conflict resolution skills: 1. Increased awareness: Forum Theatre allows […]

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Are you looking for high-impact face-to-face workshops for managers?

Forum Theatre or drama-based learning, is an ideal approach for any workplace issue where there needs to be a behavioural change. For example: All difficult management conversations: – managing conflict within your team – managing underperformance – managing sickness – managing change programmes – addressing inappropriate behaviours All equity, diversity and inclusion issues All issues […]

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Forum Theatre Workshop about Hybrid Working

We really enjoyed delivering our hybrid working forum theatre workshop at the Essex & Ipswich CIPD event. Massive thank you to everyone who attended and for all the brilliant questions and comments from the audience. As always the audience participation, which is a key element of forum theatre, created powerful learning as we worked through […]

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What do we do?

We create immersive video content for management training. Video stories which are: 1. Based on true work stories 2. Emotionally engaging 3. Thought provoking 4. Ideal as standalone resources 5. Ideal content for your online and F2F courses 6. Used by numerous organisations Why do we do it? Because when we create videos that are […]

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