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Strategy animals: The Cheetah

The cheetah has one strategy: speed. It’s the fastest land animal over short distances and it uses its speed to hunt down its prey and get there first. Getting there first in business is the stuff of legends, whether its bringing a new product to market or spotting a gap in the market or adapting […]

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Video resources to support the performance review

Does your organisation use the annual performance review/appraisal system? If it does how do you prepare for it? With COVID-19 and a tough business climate it’s more important than ever that staff appraisals and one to ones are Meaningful Conversations. In this clip Reena (played by Seeta Indrani )gets it badly wrong. Fortunately the full […]

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Facilitators of Freedom #onlinelearning

Carl Rogers described teaching as ‘unimportant and vastly overvalued’, he took issue with the teacher as expert, superior, authority figure model that our education system is built on, where teachers pour knowledge into the heads of their students. Teaching doesn’t automatically equal learning. In work-based learning it’s important to remember that an online course, or […]

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Coaching Wednesdays: Coaching with Compassion

We’ve been using our Compassionate Coaching model with clients and it works both as a stand alone model and as a holistic approach. It is a 9 -step model that delivers three outcomes for coachees/mentees: Feeling valued Higher levels of motivation Increased self-efficacy This approach is ideal for clients who are have low self-esteem and […]

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Coaching Wednesdays: Improving psychological flexibility through coaching

If you are a coach working in the UK’s NHS, or an NHS manager or clinician who coaches, you will no doubt be familiar with the term Compassionate Leadership. To explore how we might coach with compassion I have been researching the work of Frank Bond and  Steven Hayes and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).  […]

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