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Manager talking to team member

Lack of management training is an accident waiting to happen

A depressing weekend read in the Guardian claims that 82% of UK managers are ‘accidental’. In other words they have not received management training for their role. The article cites research conducted on behalf of The Chartered Management Institute (CMI). The phrase “action and inaction have consequences” echoed in my head, from a distance of […]

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Negotiation Skills

I’ve really enjoyed working with optical colleagues recently on behalf of LOCSU. We have been looking at the negotiations which take place between local health commissioners and the Local Optical Committees. These are important because they have an impact on the local eye services provided by high street optometrists and opticians.   It’s always rewarding […]

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Essex and Ipswich CIPD Branch Annual Half-Day Event

Essex and Ipswich CIPD Branch are holding their Half-Day Annual Event on 23rd May at Essex University. It’s going to be a brilliant afternoon and tickets are free!  So if you are an HR or L&D professional located in the East of England head over to get your ticket here We are delighted to be […]

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What do you call those tricky work conversations?

Are they difficult conversations or honest conversations? Are they challenging conversations or meaningful conversations or conversations with disagreeable people? Or is it managing conflict? We have been asked for all of them! And created lots of video content to support online and face to face courses. What do you call them?? #difficultconversations #challengingconversations #meaningfulconversations #honestconversations […]

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Remote working and the issue of loneliness

The changes to working life brought about by the COVID pandemic has taught us a lot about the importance of social connection and social capital at work. To put it bluntly we need work friendships.  Friends who look out for us, friends who we socialise with during and outside of working hours and friends who […]

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Supporting Carers at Work

We are celebrating Carers Week by making two of our videos free to use this week. Supporting Carers at Work is a video resource we created in collaboration with The Carers Support Network at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, to create a video resource about carers in the workforce, exploring the important roles of […]

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Leaving a Team

Welcome to the Jungle, a multichannel media company that aims to inspire every individual to thrive in their professional lives, interviewed me recently for an article on their site. They were keen to learn about my experience when I was Head of Workforce Development in an NHS Trust. The interview focused on managing and ultimately […]

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Strategy animals: The Cheetah

The cheetah has one strategy: speed. It’s the fastest land animal over short distances and it uses its speed to hunt down its prey and get there first. Getting there first in business is the stuff of legends, whether its bringing a new product to market or spotting a gap in the market or adapting […]

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Video resources to support the performance review

Does your organisation use the annual performance review/appraisal system? If it does how do you prepare for it? With COVID-19 and a tough business climate it’s more important than ever that staff appraisals and one to ones are Meaningful Conversations. In this clip Reena (played by Seeta Indrani )gets it badly wrong. Fortunately the full […]

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