Coaching Wednesdays: Coaching with Compassion

We’ve been using our Compassionate Coaching model with clients and it works both as a stand alone model and as a holistic approach.

It is a 9 -step model that delivers three outcomes for coachees/mentees:

  • Feeling valued
  • Higher levels of motivation
  • Increased self-efficacy

This approach is ideal for clients who are have low self-esteem and are lacking in confidence, often despite many achievements. They may have suffered a set-back at work and need support in reaching for previous successes to gain a more balanced view.  It is also a supportive approach for clients who are experiencing threat-based emotions such as anxiety and anger, often triggered by organisational change and restructures or the threat of redundancy.

A compassionate approach is not a weak or fluffy way of working – action and outcomes are central to coaching with compassion.

An important starting place is to think about what compassion means to you and identify ways in which you can practice self-compassion. You need to be in a good place yourself to work in a compassionate way with others.

What do you do to look after yourself?



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