Compassion at Work

I’ve researched and spoken about the power of compassion at work. I’ve designed courses to support managers understand the massive difference it can make to their team’s wellbeing and performance. I’ve put together case studies about compassion, in what might be described as ‘unlikely places’.  These include one called ‘The Compassionate Landlord’.  They all describe real-life people, places and their stories. I’ve even developed a simple model for front-line staff to use.

But still….

it really hits you when you see it in action.

And I saw in spades last week when I took my 89 year old mum to Queens Hospital, Romford for x-rays following a fall.

Thank you to all the staff we met for their kindness, efficiency and yes compassion.

Compassion brings the ‘human’ into a world of machines, process, pressure and stress. It means being listened to, respected, valued.

It means staff taking time to walk alongside you – slowly at your pace. It means a kind expression and tone of voice.

It means care-in-action because action is an essential part of being compassionate.  It is not enough to say kind words.  You have to act with kindness too.

If you want to bring compassion into your work and workplace take a look at our short online course Compassion at Work

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