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Compassion at Work is our standout course for anyone looking to have more meaningful conversations at work, improve workplace culture and enhance wellbeing.  Our easy to use ECA model is a sure fire way to bring compassion into your everyday interactions.

You will be exploring:

  • What is meant by the term Compassion at Work
  • How to apply our Empathy Care Action model to everyday work conversations
  • Self-compassion using the 6 steps of psychological flexibility as a guide
  • Your vision for your ideal self at work.
  • Using a strengths based approach

How is the course delivered?

All the content is online and so you can work at your own pace + we offer 2 optional short calls with one of our tutors when you start and another when you complete the programme so you can ask any questions about embedding your learning into everyday practice.

Price: £99 + VAT 

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