Immersive learning and why Forum Theatre gets results.

Forum theatre or drama-based learning is an immersive style of learning. Immersive learning aims to create a deeply engaging and interactive learning experience. 

It typically involves the use of simulations.

Here are 6 reasons why immersive learning gets results:

1. Active Learning: Immersive learning encourages active participation and engagement from learners. Instead of passively receiving information, students become active participants in their own learning process. They can explore, experiment, and interact which leads to a deeper understanding and retention of knowledge. Yes, forum theatre workshops include lots of opportunities to participate.✅

2. Experiential Learning: Immersive learning provides a simulated experience that closely resembles real-world scenarios. By placing learners in these lifelike situations, they can apply their knowledge and skills in a practical context. This hands-on experience enhances their understanding and helps them develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Yes, forum theatre workshops are rooted in real-life work stories.✅

3. Emotional Connection: Immersive learning can evoke emotions and create a strong emotional connection with the subject matter. When learners feel emotionally engaged, it enhances their motivation, interest, and willingness to learn. This emotional aspect can lead to better information retention and a more profound learning experience. Yes, forum theatre scenarios connect emotionally because delegates recognise themselves and others. ✅

4. Safe space to learn: Immersive learning environments provide a safe space for learners to make mistakes without real-world consequences. They can learn from their errors and receive immediate feedback, which promotes active learning and encourages experimentation. This iterative process of trying, failing, and learning from mistakes can lead to deeper understanding and skill development. We take time to create a safe space for our forum theatre learners and it’s why we do not ask our delegates to role-play. ✅

5. Contextual Learning: Immersive learning allows learners to experience content in a contextualized manner. They can see the direct applications and relevance of the knowledge or skills they are acquiring. By connecting the learning material to real-world situations, learners can understand how the concepts are applicable in practical scenarios, making the learning more meaningful and memorable. Yes, context is everything and why the re-direction and discussion that form part of our forum theatre workshops are so important. ✅

6. Engagement and Motivation: Immersive learning environments are inherently engaging and motivating for learners. The high level of engagement can reduce distractions and increase focus, resulting in improved learning outcomes. Yes, in this world of short-span attention, high-levels of engagement is a must and forum theatre achieves this every time.✅

Forum Theatre is the difference that makes the difference!

There is no doubt that the Forum Theatre was the highlight of the day, as we hoped it would be. Please pass my thanks on to your team of actors who gave fantastic performances, which were amazingly believable.

Their ability to respond to the audience in-character and then improvise was exceptional and highly professional.

As a result David and I have already started thinking about incorporating a similar session next year.

Gill, I want to thank you for supporting us from initial discussions and concept through to delivery. As something of a control freak, it can be difficult for me to leave so much of the planning to someone else, but I needn’t have worried because your expertise and professionalism ensured that Resound delivered the brief on the day.

Nick Atkins, Independents Day Conference.

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