These 3 little words are a shorthand way of describing what we do. They are also our strapline. But what do they actually mean? And what are we doing when we involve, engage and change?

Involve: The starting place is our user-research. Often, this will include one-to-one interviews and group discussions. These activities enable us to build a picture of the current challenges in the business and start formulating how the learning requirement within them that can be met and evaluated.

In our design and delivery phase it means actively including our audience in the learning process and giving them opportunities to participate and contribute. By involving learners, they can gain hands-on experience, apply theoretical knowledge in practical contexts, and develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Engage: Engaging learners in work-based learning means capturing their interest and motivating them to actively participate in the learning activities. Our forum theatre workshops are interactive and stimulating learning experiences, providing challenges and problem-solving opportunities, and promoting active discussions and collaboration among learners. Engaging learners fosters their curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity, enhancing their overall learning experience.

Change: The ultimate goal of work-based learning is to bring about meaningful changes in learners. This involves enabling learners to acquire new knowledge, develop relevant skills, and adopt positive attitudes and behaviours that are essential for their professional growth and success.

Through work-based learning, learners should experience personal and professional transformation, gaining the ability to apply what they have learned in real-world contexts and adapt to changing work environments.

So three little words with the potential for massive impact.

Meanwhile the #CIPD is reporting an “alarming lack of engagement” within the UK workforce: 90% of respondents to a recent survey said they are not enthused by their work and workplace. It’s therefore an ideal time for organisations to consider including Forum Theatre and other immersive approaches in their learning programmes.

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