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We are delighted to offer you the following FREE articles. A big thank you to our clients who have contributed their thoughts on current issues within their sector.

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The Four Seasons Approach to Customer Service

An interview with Andrew Peart, former Sales & Marketing Director Four Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf

The Benefits of Drama Techniques

by Julia Stallard

Personal Hygiene

This is a conversation that most managers dread. But it doesn’t need to be as difficult as Maria makes it! This introduces our #EmpathyCareAction model and shows how even difficult conversations can be more meaningful for all parties. The full video shows a better approach.

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Performance Management

Managing performance is a core management responsibility, but a Meaningful Conversation gets far better results, especially when there is an important underlying issue. This clip shows Mark getting it wrong. The full video shows him demonstrating our model #EmpathyCareAction in the better approach.

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