Do you work in L&D? We are providing some skills development sessions this autumn in our FREE, closed FB group.

We ran a poll recently in our FB group: Resound-ing L&D Community to find out what members would like to learn over the next 3 months.

Top of the list was how to run interactive learning sessions using MS Teams, Zoom and Webex.

So I am very excited to announce the following free session:

***September 15th at 3pm***

Shelley Fishel  (Known as The MS Office Maestro) will be running a 90 minute workshop for us on using MS Teams for learning sessions. Shelley has been a Microsoft Office trainer for over 20 years. It wil be an interactive session in Teams with Channels ( AKA Breakouts) with the option for you to share documents/PowerPoint. You will also learn how to set up apps and polls.

This session is ideal for L&D people who work in organisations where MS Teams is the default option and for those working with organisations and need to deliver using their MS Teams spaces.

And 2 MORE FREE sessions are in planning.

If you would like to up your game this autumn and take your MS Teams and Zoom sessions to another level, join us in the Resound-ing L&D Community

See you there!

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