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Drama based training provides a learning environment which is powerful, fun and engaging. Our drama based learning programmes are designed with our client’s needs in mind; we use professional actors to create realistic scenarios. Results are at the heart of what we do; our drama based techniques provoke delegates to connect with the issues we are exploring, reflect and where applicable, change behaviour. During the session delegates are able to explore different strategies for solving the conflict that the scenes present. Interviewing, or ‘hot-seating’ the characters enable the audience to think about an issue from the ‘character’s’ perspective.

Organisations come back to us because they appreciate that we will always find a practical solution that works in their unique environment.

Delegate engagement and participation is central to drama-based learning. As a result of research we conducted over a period of 2 years, our approach is to encourage delegates to participate at their own level. For some this means listening and observing whilst others enjoy directing the actors to a different conclusion. And occasionally some delegates may want to take their place alongside the actors in the scene. Facilitated discussions also take place during the event enabling everyone to reflect on the issues presented in our bespoke Forum Theatres.

Delegate Participation

Learners can participate in a number of ways:

  • Through listening and observing
  • By supporting the character working with their group
  • By questioning the character (hot-seating)
  • Re-directing the actors to bring the scene to a different conclusion/resolution
  • Taking a role
  • Participating in facilitated discussion groups

You Choose

We believe that learners should be able to choose how they participate. We know from our research that some organisational cultures are risk adverse and participants are more comfortable listening and observing. We know that anxiety inhibits learning, therefore we believe in creating a safe environment in which delegates are encouraged, supported and where appropriate, challenged.  We are proud to produce programmes which utilise a multitude of creative methods to strike a chord with people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and skills. Drama based training is a very effective learning approach for:

  • Appraisal skills training
  • Coaching programmes
  • Conflict resolution
  • Customer service training
  • Difficult conversations
  • Equality and Diversity programmes
  • Sales skills development

Our Meaningful Conversations programme comprises of 4 different challenging workplace conversations and provides high impact learning for managers.  For more information please get in touch.

Role Players

We provide role-players for Assessment and Development Centres and Management Training Programmes. Our realistic scenarios enhance the learning opportunity for delegates attending assessment and development centres. Learners tell us that working with professional actors when asked to participate in role-play exercises is an effective way to practice and develop management skills.

Forum Theatre for Events and Conferences

Our team create drama scenes for conferences that involve, energise, engage and ensure high levels of audience participation.

“Undoubtedly the highlight of the day was Resound training, in the guise of Forum Theatre and under the skilful direction of Gill Brabner, delivered a powerful message with humour and consummate skill. The characters were so well acted I almost thought they were real. We will be working with them again.”David Goad Director & Partner Proven Track Record Ltd


I’ve just viewed the Resound video, brilliant!! I’ve shared with the two people who contacted me this week.
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