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An exciting development we have introduced over the past 3 years is our 3D virtual world.  It is an immersive and social space built on the Unity platform where groups can come together in real time to learn and share best practice.

We are currently building virtual clinics complete with interactive equipment, clinical cases and patients. This means that students will be able to develop and test their knowledge via clinical simulation in a risk free immersive environment which replicates the consulting room. There is huge potential for the use of 3D spaces in clinical education and assessment and we are excited to be at the forefront of this work.

In addition to providing a useful resource for clinical education, research we have conducted over the past 3 years shows that these spaces are particularly effective when used with geographically dispersed groups.  This makes them ideal for global companies looking to create virtual training academies and meeting spaces.

We will be publishing our research during 2019 and look forward to more exciting developments in this field of work.


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