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These trailers are for our training video packages which can be delivered in house by your staff and are accompanied by facilitator guides and worksheets for delegates. Price options for training video licences are available on application and are subject to number of users.

Brenda Trailer

One of our most successful programmes addresses bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. It examines the impact on staff and demonstrates constructive ways to deal with these behaviours, even if the manager and staff are friends

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Performance Management

Managing performance is a core management responsibility, but a Meaningful Conversation gets far better results, especially when there is an important underlying issue. This clip shows Mark getting it wrong. The full video shows him demonstrating our model #EmpathyCareAction in the better approach.

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Manager Sara making a difficult situation worse!

Organisational change is difficult to manage, but we often underestimate the impact on team members. To ensure you have a Meaningful Conversation we recommend our model #EmpathyCareAction. This clip shows Sara getting it wrong. The full video includes her demonstrating a better, more compassionate approach.

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Manager Reena getting it very wrong!

Business climate is tough so it’s essential that staff appraisals and one to ones are Meaningful Conversations. In this clip Reena makes mistakes that impact on her staff member Marion. The full video shows her using our model #EmpathyCareAction which changes everything.

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Manager Tom trying to manage change

Nancy really cares about her team members. But her manager Tom is focused on tasks and deadlines. When it comes to managing change Tom needs to demonstrate greater empathy and to allow Nancy to make her own decisions. Oh well! The full video shows Tom using a better approach too.

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Personal Hygiene

This is a conversation that most managers dread. But it doesn’t need to be as difficult as Maria makes it! This introduces our #EmpathyCareAction model and shows how even difficult conversations can be more meaningful for all parties. The full video shows a better approach.

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Resound Training and Development have done it again. Amazing videos which touch sensitive topics that managers face everyday. Perfect in length, with real people that you can relate to. Shared these with my Managers, Directors of HR and Managers in Training and they all loved them too. Look forward to watching the next edition.
Rachel Begbie
Regional Director of Human Resources, EMEA Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
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