Strategy animals: The Cheetah

The cheetah has one strategy: speed. It’s the fastest land animal over short distances and it uses its speed to hunt down its prey and get there first.

Getting there first in business is the stuff of legends, whether its bringing a new product to market or spotting a gap in the market or adapting fast to new conditions. It’s all part of the entrepreneurial story.

The cheetah can also change direction at speed and that’s something we have seen over the past year as businesses have pivoted to keep going.

In L&D there is the rise of agile working, where learning needs are identified and a digital solution is then put together very quickly.  The resource is then sent out to colleagues with the expectation that their feedback will inform future iterations. It’s another move away from long face to face courses and content dumping.

Once it has its prey, the cheetah becomes vulnerable as it is too exhausted to defend its kill. Hyenas and lions are watching and waiting to steal the cheetah’s haul. A salutary reminder of the need to have support in place and to look after ourselves.

So have you pivoted over the past year? Have you spotted an opportunity and sped towards it?

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