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Tag: digital learning

Have you got some old pyracantha in your courses?

Recently I spent some time cutting down an old pyracantha bush. And the next step will be to dig the roots out and replace it with something that is right for the garden today. It reminded me of some work I did last week, reviewing some old online materials. They included a couple of models […]

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Facilitators of Freedom #onlinelearning

Carl Rogers described teaching as ‘unimportant and vastly overvalued’, he took issue with the teacher as expert, superior, authority figure model that our education system is built on, where teachers pour knowledge into the heads of their students. Teaching doesn’t automatically equal learning. In work-based learning it’s important to remember that an online course, or […]

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Returning to Freedom (To Learn) #onlinelearning

One of the positives to come out of the last few weeks for me is the focus on learning. This includes conversations we had as part of our recent research: L&D June 2020 What Matters? Interviewees working in organisations who were previously resistant to moving to digital learning, were energised and excited about the changes […]

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