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Tag: leaders

Gill Brabner

47 years ago this month…..

47 years ago this month, I saw a play that changed my life. It was ‘Death of A Salesman’ and it showed a man falling apart under the weight of his life. I had a Dad who had been falling apart since I was 9. He worked in a bank in the City of London. […]

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We all want to be Well-Led Part 1

We all want to be well-led. Work – the CIPD magazine landed on my mat at the weekend and I was pleased to see that it included an interview with Lucy D’Orsi Chief Constable at British Transport Police. I took my cuppa into the garden for a read. I do have a vested interest to […]

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Leaders set the tone of the organisation

  Recently I was in a discussion about the impact of leaders on organisational culture. It reminded me of Stephen Berry’s Strategies of the Serengeti and the first chapter of the book: Giraffe. He uses the giraffe as a metaphor for leadership vision. And that’s because the giraffe is not only very tall, it has […]

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