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Tag: leadership

We all want to be well-led. Part 2

A meeting I facilitated recently keeps bouncing back into my thoughts. A group of hard-working and dedicated professionals took some time to voice their appreciation for the new leadership of their team. They said they now felt more secure and their teams were stable, they believed in and supported the changes that were being made […]

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We all want to be Well-Led Part 1

We all want to be well-led. Work – the CIPD magazine landed on my mat at the weekend and I was pleased to see that it included an interview with Lucy D’Orsi Chief Constable at British Transport Police. I took my cuppa into the garden for a read. I do have a vested interest to […]

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Executive Coaching – a Testimonial

It’s always a privilege to work one-to-one with senior leaders who are managing multiple complex issues and leading large organisations. Creating the space in which deep thinking occurs, insights are shared and the other person finds or regains their passion, enthusiasm and power is the most rewarding work. Thank you to Joanne Bennis, Chief Nurse, and […]

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Questions Leaders Can Ask

Today’s question that leaders can ask is: Who else needs to be part of this discussion? It’s an important question because leaders must invite diverse experiences and opinions to ensure the best decisions are reached and group think is avoided. Inclusion doesn’t just happen. Inclusive behaviours need role modelling. Who else needs to be part […]

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Animal Strategies – Zebra & their responses to threats

Business leaders have been responding to the COVID threat over the past year. The zebra, according to Stephen Berry, in his book Strategies of the Serengeti, has six key responses to threat: Fight, Flight, Flock, Freeze, Fragment and Frolic. For businesses to be able to fight their way back from the crisis they will need […]

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Today’s strategy animal: The Hippo

The hippo is King of the river, where it has no predators. In the river the hippo moves effortlessly along, its skin cooled by the water. The hippo is sociable in the river and spends as much time as possible bathing. In Strategies of the Serengeti, Berry uses the hippo to illustrate the term “know […]

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Leaders set the tone of the organisation

  Recently I was in a discussion about the impact of leaders on organisational culture. It reminded me of Stephen Berry’s Strategies of the Serengeti and the first chapter of the book: Giraffe. He uses the giraffe as a metaphor for leadership vision. And that’s because the giraffe is not only very tall, it has […]

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L&D December 2020 What Matters Now?

Back in June we did some research with L&D professionals to find out what was top of their agenda. Six months ago there were 3 consistent themes that emerged from our question What Matters? 1. Wellbeing of staff Top of the agenda was the health and wellbeing of staff and the desire for that to […]

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