The Multi-generational Workforce – review of our Zoom chat

The Multi-generational Workforce

Last week we hosted a Zoom Chat about the benefits and challenges of age-diverse teams. Our millennials provided some reverse mentoring on the call and we all learned a bit more about ourselves and the world of work from other perspectives.

Here’s some feedback from a couple of participants

First up, Chartered Business Psychologist Jan Gould said this:
“I found the discussions enlightening and thought provoking and have found myself reflecting on the learning several times since the call. What particularly impressed me was the balance of both gender and age groups and that each participant was given the opportunity to share their experiences and beliefs around this important issue.”

And L&D Consultant and Coach Claire Feldman:
“It was insightful to hear from the millennials in the group who dispelled some myths around perceptions of their generation, and also talked passionately about their career aspirations and how they would like to be supported by their leaders in the workplace. I came away feeling even more motivated to work on coaching and supporting the collaboration of diverse generation groups within the client organisations I work with.”

What is your experience of working with age-diverse teams?

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