We all want to be Well-Led Part 1

We all want to be well-led.

Work – the CIPD magazine landed on my mat at the weekend and I was pleased to see that it included an interview with Lucy D’Orsi Chief Constable at British Transport Police.

I took my cuppa into the garden for a read.

I do have a vested interest to declare – I worked for BTP during lockdown redesigning a core leadership program to be delivered digitally.

Lucy D’Orsi is at the forefront of the work to reform culture in policing and has those trademark leader qualities of courageous decision making – she leads from the front and her frank communication is a breath of fresh air.

Lets be honest – BTP like all forces – has work to do around culture, command and control, hierarchy to name a few but I met some outstanding first time managers during my time at BTP so the future looks very positive. And their leader is one to watch.

And don’t forget – if you experience or witness sexual harassment on any of our railways please text BTP on 61016 to report.

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