What you can expect when you book a forum theatre workshop

Bespoke or off-the-shelf options

You can opt for a bespoke workshop or one of our off-the-shelf workshops.  For the bespoke option we start with user research to ensure our scripted scenarios accurately reflect the everyday challenges that your managers are experiencing at work.

We invite your feedback on our scripts, make any amendments and agree the final version before forwarding to our actors.

Or you may prefer to select a workshop made up of a selection of our evergreen scenarios of various management conversations: these include performance and sickness absence conversations, inappropriate behaviours, managing difficult customers or patients etc. We have delivered these scenarios to many organisations and thousands of delegates. They are very well received and hit the mark every time. We will tailor the scenarios to reflect your organisation.

Meet the team

We will send you a document to circulate to your workshop attendees which includes some information about the team who will be delivering the workshops, our approach and the very important message:

✅ we do not ask our delegates to role-play ✅

We know that feeling anxious gets in the way of a good learning experience and we want your delegates to attend without worrying about whether they will be asked to role-play. They won’t! Our professional actors are there to do that. We believe that it’s important that your delegates know what to expect.

Picture showing audience at a forum theatre event

On the day

During our workshops we create a safe space in which your managers can experiment with different approaches, discuss issues openly and honestly and have fun.

I’ll say it again!

✅ We do not ask our delegates to role-play. ✅

We have our team of professional actors to do that – so your managers can attend knowing they can get involved without risk. And we believe in injecting some serious fun into the learning process.

Delegates will be able to interview the characters, re-direct the scenes and discuss the issues in small facilitated groups.

How does Forum Theatre deliver skills and knowledge development?

Forum Theatre is an approach which supports managers to explore and experiment with how they tackle those difficult behavioural issues within their teams and create a strategy for managing their team members effectively.

This blog immersive learning and why forum theatre gets results explains why this approach achieves such a good return on investment for our clients.

Topics include: effective performance management, conflict resolution, managing absence, hybrid working challenges, diversity and inclusion, and a whole host of thorny topics that your managers and leaders need to grapple with in order to motivate, inspire, and lead their teams to success. What to expect? Management training which has impact.

Our Track Record

We have 18 years experience delivering forum theatre workshops and conferences for corporate, public and third sector organisations.

Our Forum Theatre approach is designed to be a catalyst for change, creating a safe space for managers to explore, experiment, and challenge conventional thinking.

It’s so important for clients to know what to expect when commissioning these events and we are always completely transparent our process.

What our clients say

It was really important for me that these scenarios felt real and that we moved away from traditional slide decks for this type of training especially given the volume of people dialling in.
The feedback has been fantastic and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Katy Thorpe, Global People Director, Kinly


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