“You don’t look autistic”

Last week we finished filming a short training video about a character who has autism, who meets with his new manager to ask for some adjustments at work, to enable him to work at his best.We invited a young actor Alex, who has a diagnosis of autism to work with us on this project. He had a significant input into our script to ensure we portrayed some of the everyday challenges accurately.

He even gave us the title for the short video: “You don’t look autistic” something that has been said to him on numerous occasions.
We were keen to understand what adjustments we needed to make to support Alex during rehearsals and filming. He asked for a bit more time to learn lines and he wanted very clear instructions about each step of the process. And he then delivered exactly what had been asked and he did it brilliantly!

I’ve been reflecting on this –
start with a conversation about what is needed for someone to do their best work + enough time to prepare well + clear instructions about the process = job well done

Maybe we would all benefit from conversations that started with “what do you need to do your best work?”

What do you think?

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