Random Acts of Kindness

Being kind is scientifically proven to be good for us.  When we are kind to someone we experience the helper’s high; a rush of dopamine which ensures we feel as good as the person receiving our kind gestures.

And the receiver of kindness experiences an increase in oxytocin and serotonin putting them into a good mood. And I can vouch for that today.  These gorgeous little Love Hearts, pictured above, just landed on my door mat! Thank you to Julie Temple and the team at Birkett Long Solicitors for sending me this random act of kindness as part of their bicentenary celebrations.

And receiving this gift has made me think about passing the act of kindness on  – and of course that’s what so great about these random acts of kindness – we become part of a positive, uplifting chain of small acts that bring sunshine and happiness into our lives and the lives of others.

Three great places to read more about Random Acts of Kindness:

52 Lives

The British Psychological Society


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