Stories create lightbulb moments

“OMG that’s me.” A stunned silence filled the room and the young woman who had just shouted out got up and left. We were in the middle of delivering a forum theatre workshop for a local council on bullying and harassment at work. Stories create lightbulb moments.

The main character in our scenario was a bubbly larger than life character who used innuendo and sleazy jokes to bully younger colleagues.

I took a deep breath.

I knew I had to hold the space for the group before we moved on.

Stories are powerful and all our scenarios are rooted in real work stories.

Not every workshop provokes such a dramatic response as that one – almost 20 years ago now. But every workshop does create insights and lightbulb moments.

I see it on peoples faces.

Watching a scene play out in front of you – we feel the emotion – we feel the impact of what is said and how it’s said.

And that opens us up to the change that’s needed.

We’ve tackled all the diversity and inclusion topics over the years – including bullying, harassment, racism, misogyny etc

But it’s an approach which also works brilliantly for management conversations about performance, wellbeing – enabling managers to build skills which are crucial in this era of hybrid working and video calls.

By the way – the young woman I mentioned- she immediately called a colleague and apologised for her behaviour at the works Christmas party. What a lightbulb moment! Like I said, stories create lightbulb moments.

If you’d like your managers to have effective conversations or if you want to move the dial on behaviour in your organisation book a call with us. Drop us a line via our contact page. You can find out more information about our forum theatre work here.

Lightbulb moments guaranteed.

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