Executive Coaching – a Testimonial

It’s always a privilege to work one-to-one with senior leaders who are managing multiple complex issues and leading large organisations.

Creating the space in which deep thinking occurs, insights are shared and the other person finds or regains their passion, enthusiasm and power is the most rewarding work.

Thank you to Joanne Bennis, Chief Nurse, and part of the leadership team at North West Anglia Foundation NHS Trust for embracing the challenge:

“A thought provoking high challenge and high support relationship. The sessions with Gill enabled me to reconnect with my values and beliefs, to identify what is important and reflect and challenge assumptions of others and what drives behaviour. I have reignited my passion for my role and self belief. Thank you.”

I felt privileged to spend time with Jo and support her through coaching.  All sessions were delivered virtually.

To discuss how we can support your leaders and leadership teams through Executive Coaching, please get in touch.

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